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SweetBerry Summer Themed Smoothies

Summer’s almost here, and Sweetberry’s line-up of tropical smoothies are bringing the good vibes.

Summer’s right around the corner, and the sun’s just about ready to turn up the heat during those summer months. Whether you’re planning to head out to that ideal beach destination you’ve been dreaming of, or if you just want to unwind at home or at the local strip mall, there’s nothing better than sipping on a delicious and refreshing smoothie to cool you down. Introducing Sweetberry’s own line of summer-themed smoothies, crafted and blended to perfection, giving you the sweet, sweet satisfaction of a truly enjoyable summer experience. The Sweetberry Experience Just like any of Sweetberry’s premium summer snacks and beverages, the Sweetberry line of delicious smoothies aim to deliver the Sweetberry Experience: delectably sweet, refreshingly cool, and surprisingly healthy! Indeed, sipping into a Sweetberry smoothie is an experience in and of itself, and can be enjoyed wherever you’re spending your hot summer months. Guaranteed to put a smile on your face, take delight in every sip as you taste the iconic Sweetberry flavors and fresh ingredients found in every Sweetberry menu item.

What’s in a Sweetberry Smoothie?

Just like Sweetberry’s slogan, their smoothies are made - and filled to the brim - with good vibes. Using only fresh and premium ingredients, Sweetberry’s smoothies are the perfect blend of health and taste. From tropical fruits to more unique ingredients like acai, you definitely have an assortment of scrumptious smoothie shakes to choose from. Drown out the sweltering heat with every sip, and pair it up with their other food options while you’re at it! Sweetberry doesn’t just serve smoothies, they primarily serve delicious and healthy acai and poke bowls too. Sweetberry’s definitely your go-to spot for snacks and beverages that are not just healthy, but yummy as well. Sweetberry’s Smoothie Line-up There’s an assortment of deliciousness to be had at the Sweetberry Smoothie menu! Inspired by summer, each of these thirst-quenching smoothies pack a bunch of flavor and nutrients, giving you good vibes throughout your summer day.

● Cocolada

For all you coconut lovers out there, the Cocolada is a Sweetberry concoction made up of coconut milk, agave, pineapple, and yummy coconut meat for that rich and tasty coconut blend.


A mix of bananas, strawberries, almond milk, and… peanut butter? Yup! Sweetberry’s PB and J smoothie is a crowd favorite, featuring the unique hint of peanut buttery creaminess alongside fresh fruits!

● Purple Jungle

This smoothie features the superfood ‘acai’, packing a punch of nutrients alongside fruits like bananas, strawberries, apple, and blueberries. You’ll definitely experience a jungle of flavors with this one.

● Sweet Grass

A spinach lover’s dream, the Sweet Grass smoothie features spinach, kale, pineapples, bananas, peanut butter, and coconut milk, all blended into a super healthy, super delicious beach beverage!

● Chocolate Dream

Chocolate lovers, unite! Sweetberry’s chocolatey smoothie option is definitely a dream: a chocolate dream. Powered by chocolate flavored protein, bananas, peanut butter, and coconut milk, you’ll relish in the lush flavors of chocolate and fruits blended perfectly together into one cool drink.

● Sweet Pink

Featuring the elusive and tropical pitaya, Sweet Pink contains bananas, pineapples, and coconut milk for that perfectly sweet and cool experience.

● Bird of Paradise

Bananas, mangoes, and pineapples are the star in this tropics-themed smoothie drink. Take flight like the bird of paradise as you take every sip!

● Green Energy

Going the extra mile with your health? How about a serving of Green Energy smoothie? Loaded with bananas, vanilla protein, flax oil, spirulina, peanut butter, and almond milk, this smoothie packs a punch in the health department while staying true to form with sweetness and the ability to refresh.

● Strawnana

A classic favorite, Sweetberry’s Strawnana is a harmony of strawberry and banana blended into one refreshing summertime drink. The great thing about these summer-themed menu options is that they’re all Vegan and Vegetarian friendly, with almond and coconut milk for that vegan creaminess we all know and love. Sweetberry also offers the option to Customize Your Own Smoothie, giving you freedom to add, subtract, or mix things up with whatever menu option you choose!

Now that’s what we like to call a good-vibes experience. Try out Sweetberry’s variety of summer-themed smoothies today at any of their conveniently placed locations across multiple states. Head on over to their website at and get a taste of what summer’s supposed to be like. Good vibes, only at Sweetberry


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