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Sweetberry Bowls Glen Rock

Updated: Feb 23, 2022

About Glen Rock

Sweetberry Bowls Glen Rock is on the main street of Glen Rock, NJ right on Rock Rd. The restaurant is a great place to hang out for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even snacks. Sweetberry provides food for pick up to eat at home, indoor dining at the restaurant, and of course delivery. Sweetberry was founded in 2017 with the goal to feed health-conscious consumers through restaurants all over the United States. In addition to offering a healthy alternative to fast food, the goal is to ensure that all menu items are delicious and aesthetically pleasing. It is also at the core of the Company’s responsibility to teach about health and wellness. Sweetberry also provides catering services and large orders. You can call for services when you have guests but do not have time to cater to them. Sweetberry also offers franchising for potential restauranteurs. Currently, Sweetberry has franchise units in NJ, SC, NC, VA, and PA. Sweetberry also can also be found in Hillsborough, Toms River, Matawan, and Pompton Lakes, Woodbridge, Bloomfield, and Wayne all in New Jersey. In Illinois, they can be found at Elmhurst.

Food Offered at the Sweetberry Bowls

The Sweetberry menu suits a variety of needs including those looking for breakfast, lunch, dinner and quick fast foods.

At the Sweetberry Glen Rock health restaurant, you can find breakfast options like smoothies and acai bowls. Build your own superfood bowl and choose from four bases ~ acai, pitaya, coconut, and super green. The lunch options include Pressed Panini Wraps such as the fan-favorite “Buffalo Chicken Wrap”. There are eight options to choose from in the wraps category. Sweetberry Bowls has a great smoothie selection and even a build your own salad option. The Poke Bowls suit those who are looking for a more filling lunch or dinner.

Build Your Own Bowl

Sweetberry offers four bases for their famous signature bowl and build your own bowl menu. The Pitaya, Acai, Coconut, Super Green Bowls, and many other foods are also vegan friendly. The Acai is blended with acai, banana, and a splash of apple juice. The Pitaya is made of Pitaya (Dragonfruit), banana, pineapple & coconut milk. The Coconut is made of coconut meat, banana, coconut milk & agave blends. The Super Green smoothie includes pineapple, banana, kale, spinach & coconut milk. The Sweetberry Glen Rock health restaurant even lets you mix and match any of the bases for Coconut Bowls, Super Green Bowls, Pitaya Bowls, and Acai Bowls. You can then top your bowls with granola, fruit, and many more healthy toppings such as chia seeds and honey.

Custom Poke Bowls and Salads

Creating your own custom Poke Bowl is recommended if you want something different from the signature Poke Bowl menu. You can choose to use 2 or 3 scoops of protein when building your own bowl, or even on the signature menu for the Sweet Tuna, The Classic, Mango Chicken, Coco Shrimp, and Tofu Special. The restaurant also allows you to choose greens, toppings, dressings, and proteins (beans, chicken, quinoa, and chickpeas) when building your own custom salads. You can choose to make your salad vegetarian or vegan as well.

Why Stop By?

Sweetberry Bowls Glen Rock is the perfect healthy restaurant option available all year around. Between our Custom Bowls, Acai Bowls, Smoothies, Shakes and much more you can’t go wrong by giving us a visit the next time you are in Glen Rock NJ. For Any questions about the location or Menu please call 201-444-7018. Sign up for our newsletter and keep yourself in the loop with promotions, exciting news and all things Sweetberry. We hope to see you soon!

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