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Sweetberry Glen rock

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Delivery Partners


208 Rock Rd, Glen Rock, NJ, 07452


Hours of Operation

Monday - Sunday 9:00AM - 8:00PM

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Sweetberry Bowls Glen Rock is located right across the street from memorial park right off main street. We love this location because it is right in the middle of the town of Glen Rock! Glen Rock is an amazing town and Sweetberry Bowls is thrilled to finally have a location accessible to all of Glen Rock Residents! Due to Covid-19 we urge all Sweetberry Bowl customers to please wear a facemask and social distance and appropriate 6 feet away from other customers as well as staff when picking up at this location! We also offer deliver services through our very own Sweetberry App!



Want to kick start your day In a healthy way? Sweetberry Bowls has amazing breakfast options that will give you an excellent caloric intake that will kickstart your metabolism. Our smoothies are one of our favorite breakfast options. We have a wide variety of smoothies to choose from all made with our Sweetberry fresh ingredients.


On break from work, or just want to have a healthy meal while you’re out having a day? Think of having Sweetberry for lunch! Sweetberry Prides itself on being a reliable option for fast healthy food that you can take on the go without feeling guilty about eating bad food! For lunch come in and try one of our delicious Sweetberry Wraps! Our Sweetberry Wraps are delicious & nutritious! Try our Buffalo Chicken Wrap, it is topped with grilled chicken, tomatoes, carrots, Cheddar, Cheese, and our spicy buffalo sauce in a flour tortilla. If Buffalo chicken isn’t your thing, don’t worry about it we have 8 options to choose from! All our options are also customizable so you will always get your sandwich tailored to you!



Hungry for Dinner and don’t want to cook; but you also don’t want to order some unhealthy food in? Sweetberry Bowls has you covered! We have a vast amount of options that can be used as a healthy & filling dinner! If you are in the mood for a light meal try one of our famous Sweetberry Acai Bowls. You can Customize your acai Bowl to have any of our Sweetberry ingredients in it, or order one of our Sweetberry Creations. If that sounds a little too light for you, try one of our Poke Bowls! Our Poke bowls set us aside from the competition! We are proud to be able to provide such a unique dish with many different variations!

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