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Sweetberry Hillsborough

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649 U.S. 206, Hillsborough Township, NJ        08844, United States

Hours of Operation

Everyday: 10am - 7:00pm |

October 31, 2023 - 9:30AM - 4:00PM

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Sweetberry Hillsborough is home to delicious healthy meals that you can have at anytime of the day! We are conveniently located right off exit 206 on State road in the heart of Hillsborough next to Woods Tavern. Hillsborough is a beautiful town in Northern New Jersey that has a ton of outdoor activities to do. We are proud of this location to be in such a great area! Due to COVID-19 we ask that all unvaccinated customers please wear a facemask!



Our Sweetberry smoothies are all made with fresh produce and are of the best quality. We have the classic smoothies such as Strawberry Banana & our Chocolate Dream Smoothie. We also have smoothies that are only original to Sweetberry such as the Green energy smoothie, PB&J smoothie and the Sweet Pink smoothie. If you are craving a smoothie please click here to start your order!



Craving a salad but don’t want to get the same old salad you always get, that doesn’t even fill you up? Look no further! Sweetberry Hillsborough has a whole array of salad options that taste amazing and will leave you feeling satisfied. Salads don’t have to be boring that is why Sweetberry has made fun, great tasting salads such as the Mandarin Pumpkin Salad, and the Summer Strawberry Salad. These two salads are Sweetberry originals, so it is important that you come and give these a try! If you are feeling like you want something that isn’t on our menu, don’t worry about it! We have the option for you to make your own Custom Salads with our dozens of fresh ingredients! If you are craving a Sweetberry Salad make sure to click here!

Acai bowls

Acai bowls are amongst the most popular health meals to exist right now, and there is a reason for that. Acai bowls pack a nutritional punch that will help you fill out your calories for the day while also making you full. Sweetberry Hillsborough sets itself aside from the competition with its different array of topics and flavors. Order one of our Sweetberry originals such as the Hermosa Bowl or Sweetberry Acai bowl to understand what sets us apart from the rest! If you just want an original Acai bowl don’t worry about that we have that for you too, packed with all of your fresh ingredients! If you are craving an Acai bowl make sure to click here to get your order started!


Poke Bowls

Craving something new and delicious that’s also healthy but you’re not sure what? Try our Sweetberry Poke Bowls! Our Poke bowls are what make Sweetberry unique! Most health restaurant do not have a Poke bowl option that is healthy however, we have many! If you’d like to take a look at our Poke Bowl options please click here!

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