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What’s so important about Breakfast?

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

Is it true when they say breakfast is the most important meal of the day? YES…for many reasons. If you skip breakfast you are only hurting yourself by slowing down your metabolism. Eating breakfast will jumpstart your metabolism everyday. We need to jumpstart our metabolism each and everyday. Think about a car, it needs fuel to keep it going. Your body needs fuel to keep it going as well and your fuel is food. It needs it everyday, first thing in the morning.

Take the word breakfast and break it down…break and fast. After eating dinner the night before as your last meal without any snacks after you are literally fasting all night. Eating breakfast is breaking that fast and will provide your body with the energy it needs throughout the day. If you skip breakfast you will feel more tired throughout the day and agitated. Why feel this way when it can easily be avoided.

By skipping breakfast, you will feel hungrier during the day wanting to eat more. Chances are you will make wrong food choices due to being hungrier. By eating breakfast regularly you will have a better chance of maintaining your weight.

And for all my students and athletes out there, eating breakfast will help you perform and concentrate better throughout your day not only during school but also after school activities. It’s simple…never skip breakfast!

Here is a list of breakfast choices that are simple and quick:

· Oatmeal Bowl with fruit

· Smoothie with fruit, protein powder & choice of almond/coconut milk

· Greek yogurt with fruit

· Granola with fruit

· Eggs with turkey bacon


Interested in learning more?

Visit my website @ PlaNutrition

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