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Stephanie leonetti is awesome!

I have been working with Stephanie for almost 12 weeks now, and the experience as a whole has been better and more encouraging than I could have imagined. Going into this, I thought that I would have to give up a lot of my favorite foods and be hungry all the time, but it has been the opposite! Stephanie has given me so many options for healthy and yummy snacks, including Sweetberry Bowls, which is a healthy and delicious alternative to one of my favorite snacks, a smoothie bowl. What makes Sweetberry Bowls so great is that you can choose exactly what goes into your bowl. Being a student and also working, I am always on the run, and Stephanie has been able to put a plan together that works with my schedule, and is not too demanding with everything else going on. Overall, Stephanie has helped me to create a lifestyle where I feel more energetic and healthy than I ever have, while still incorporating all of my favorite things!

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