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Pitaya What? The benefits of Dragon Fruit

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

Pitaya, also known as Dragon Fruit, is a superfood! It’s hot pink with a white polka dot inside with just the right amount of sweetness. Not only does it look pretty, but it also comes with great nutritional benefits. It fights disease, has anti-aging properties, improves digestive health, supports weight loss, and keeps hair healthy. Pitaya contains lycopene, which helps protect against cancer and heart disease. It also includes Vitamin C, B Vitamins, Phosphorus, Protein, Calcium, Fiber, Captain, and other antioxidants which also help fight against cancer and heart disease. All of these nutrients help lower blood pressure, strengthen your bones, and strengthen your immune system. Since pitaya contains so many antioxidants it helps keep your skin tight and young. You can also take pitaya, smash it, and use it as an anti aging mask for your face. The skin of the pitaya and the seeds contain most of the fiber, and adding more fiber to your diet can improve your digestive help and keep you more regular. Fiber also helps keep you feeling full. Adding a fruit to your diet that is low in calories and sugar, but high in fiber can not only help keep you healthy, but support weight loss. Earlier I mentioned you can smash pitaya and apply it to your face as a mask; well you can also apply it to your hair and scalp to keep them healthy. What this will do is keep your hair follicles open so your hair stays healthy and smooth. Who knew Pitaya can offer so many health benefits while still tasting so good!

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