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A healthy thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a wonderful time of the year to spend with your family and friends. And that means lots of delicious food! Don't let the holidays scare you and prevent you from hitting your goals. With my nutritional tips below learn how to get through Thanksgiving Dinner enjoying it and not gaining any weight. 

1. Do not sit down hungry, this means make sure you eat breakfast on Thanksgiving and have either a small lunch or snack before the big meal. Chances are if you sit down hungry you will overeat on all the wrong foods.

2. Eat slowly...if you eat too fast you will get full very quickly and this means you won't enjoy the food you are eating. If you eat too much, too fast you will feel bloated and uncomfortable for the rest of the day.

3. Everything in is a holiday so this is not a time to deprive yourself. By depriving yourself you will feel like you're on a diet. Thanksgiving is a time where certain foods only come out this one time of the year, so make sure you have it, but control the portion. By not sitting down hungry and by not eating fast will prevent you from overeating. 

4. Skip seconds...enjoy everything in moderation ONE time only. No need to go for seconds and make yourself feel overly stuffed and uncomfortable. 

5. Drink lots of water...this will help keep you feeling full during dinner and will help flush out any salt that is in your meal. 

6. Enjoy your slice of pumpkin pie...Remember if it is worth it have it! 

If you are hosting Thanksgiving dinner give the leftovers to your guests to take home. One day won't hurt your diet, but multiple days can.

The next day go right back to your normal routine...clean eating, water and exercise!

Have a Happy and Healthy Thanksgiving!

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