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Delivery Partners


241 Main St, Matawan, NJ, 07747


Hours of Operation

Monday to Saturday: 10:00AM - 8:00PM

Sunday: 10:00AM - 7:00PM

Temporarily Closed

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Sweetberry Bowl Matawan is location at 241 Main street in the Main Street Village Complex. Our Matawan location is in a convenient spot a couple blocks away from Terhune Park. This location is convenient to get to all year around! Due to Covid-19 Sweetberry Bowls would like to ask all visitors to wear a face mask at all time and please maintain a social distance of 6 feet from others. We deliver! Please download our Sweetberry app from the app store or order through one of partners listed above!


Acai Bowls

Sweetberry specializes in Acai bowls of all kinds. Come in and try one of our delicious Sweetberry original Bowls such as the Sweetberry Acai Bowl or the Hermosa Acai bowl. All our bowls are made from our fresh fruits and ingredients. If you would like to create your own bowl, we have you covered! Try to our custom Acai bowl option to get all the fruits and toppings you want, to have a perfect bowl of your own creation!

Pitaya Bowls

Our Sweetberry Pitaya Bowls set us apart from the competition. You may be asking yourself what a Pitaya bowl is. Our Sweetberry Pitaya Bowls are smoothie based with pink pitaya fruit or known as Dragon Fruit. This bowl is topped with peanut butter, fruit and granolas! Sweetberry has a couple of bowls for you to try such as the Hylo Pitaya Bowl & the Pink Rainbow Pitaya Bowl! You can also custom build your own Pitaya bowl with our ingredients!


Coconut Bowls

Our Sweetberry Coconut bowls are the perfect high calorie healthy meal! Coconut is rich in nutrients and calories to give your body energy throughout the day. Make sure you check out all our different variations on Coconut bowls such as our Tiger Kiss bowl, Wild berry Coconut Bowl or our Coco Sweet Coconut bowl.



Stop by and try one of our delicious Sweetberry Wraps!  Our wraps are perfect for any meal of the day! Stop by in the morning and get our Blue Cheese Breakfast Wrap! If you are in the mood for lunch, try our Buffalo Chicken Wrap! And if you want something post workout with a lot of protein, try our Popeye Wrap!

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