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 Sweetberry Bloomfield

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56 Broad St, Bloomfield, NJ, 07003


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Acai Bowls

Get your custom Acai bowl from Sweetberry Bloomfield today! Our Acai bowls set us apart from the competition with our rich flavors from our fresh fruit! Come in and try our OG Acai Bowl or our fruity Hermosa Acai Bowl.  If you see multiple things that you like on the menu then custom make your own Acai Bowl! Whatever your Acai cravings are, Sweetberry Bloomfield has got your back!


Sweetberry Bloomfield is located at 56 broad Street right off exit 149 on the Garden State Parkway. Our location is near the Bloomfield public library and across the street from the park. Due to COVID-19 we must ask all guests to wear masks when entering the property for pickup. We may start indoor seating in the follow weeks. If you would like to order delivery you can through Sweetberry Directly! To place an Order please click here!


Our Sweetberry Wraps set us apart from the competition with our versatility. Wraps are a perfect sandwich substitute that can fill you up and leave you satisfied. Try our Delicious Buffalo Chicken Wrap that with our fresh lettuce & blue cheese topped with tasty Chicken with our own Sweetberry Buffalo Sauce. Choose from many of our other options and see which wrap is right for you!

Sweetberry Bowls

Sweetberry Bloomfield is home to a wide array of customizable bowls. We have delicious salad bowls that are made with our sweet greens and veggies. Make sure to try our Mandarin Pumpkin Salad this October to welcome the fall season! We have Pitaya Bowls that are filled to the brim with delicious flavors such as our Sweet Dragon Pitaya Bowl. If you are visiting Sweetberry Bloomfield in the morning or after a nice workout, ask for one of our oatmeal bowls! Oatmeal is one of the best meals to kickstart your day or eat post workout. Oatmeal helps kick start our metabolism and gives you carbs to wake you up & give your body energy.

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